Membership Application Checklist

To speed up the processing of your application please follow these steps:

1. Please provide all the all requested information. Please print out this form, complete it and mail back with required information.

2. Sign the application. Incomplete or unsigned applications will delay the processing of your request. Signing this application authorizes NETFCU to check with others including reporting bureaus with respect to the Member's and/or Joint Owner's prior use of deposit accounts.

3. Make a photocopy of two of the following pieces of identification. One must be a picture ID.

a. Passport
b. Drivers License
c. Teamster Union Card
d. Birth Certificate
e. Social Security Card

4. Enclose a check or money order payable to New England Teamsters Federal Credit Union for your initial deposit. You must enclose a minimum deposit of $5.00 to open a Regular Share (Savings) Account to establish your membership. We recommend that our members try to deposit and maintain an average balance of $100 in their Regular Shares Account so that they will not incur the Share Maintenance fee of $1.00 per month

5. Mail your Membership Application, and/or ATM/ Debit Application, and/or Payroll Deduction Form, copies of your two identifications, proof you are a teamster (union dues receipt, Union Card), and your check for deposit, to:

New England Teamsters Federal Credit Union
23 Broadway
P.O. Box 1498
Arlington, MA 02474-0072

What you will receive:

Once you mail your application, please allow...
2 weeks to receive your receipt of deposit, NETFCU Membership Card, disclosures, fee schedule, and rate sheet.

If you are opening a Share Draft (Checking) Account, also allow...
2 weeks to receive your first order of checks.

If you are applying for an ATM/ Debit Card (Share Draft (Checking) and have been approved...
2 weeks to receive your ATM/ Debut card.

If you are enrolling for Payroll Deduction, please allow...
3 to 4 weeks for your employer to receive your Payroll Deduction Form and enroll you.

Please note if you would like to open the following New England Teamsters Federal Credit Union accounts see the required initial deposit.

Please note, a Regular Share (Savings) Account is required to establish membership.

In addition to the Regular Share (Savings) Account ($5.00 minimum deposit) please return the required minimum deposit for the following:

FREE Checking Account ($50.00 minimum deposit)
Value Checking Account ($50.00 minimum deposit)
Premium Checking Account ($50.00 minimum deposit)
Club Account ($5.00 minimum deposit)
Money Market Account ($2,500.00 minimum deposit)

If you are applying for a 24 Hour Cash Card (ATM/Debit Card), click here to access the ATM/ Debit Application.

Note: To be eligible for an ATM/ Debit Application you must have a Share Draft (Checking) Account.

If you are applying for Payroll Deduction, click here to access the Payroll Deduction Form.

Thank you for your membership!


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