With an ATM/ Debit Card: you get 24-hour ATM services, plus hassle free purchasing without writing checks. It works like a check anywhere VISA is accepted by automatically withdrawing funds from your share draft account. The VISA Debit Card is accepted at millions of merchant locations worldwide.


Us it as an ATM Card for convenient 24-hour access to your checking account.
Use it as a Debit Card at any merchant accepting VISA.
Cards provided free to qualified checking account holders.
Use at our ATM or thousands of SUM, NYCE, PLUS, COOP and other ATM network machines.
NO Annual fee.
Select "Credit" at merchants and no transaction fee
"Sign and Save/ Pin and Pay" means if you select Credit and sign for your purchases you will not pay any fees.

If you select Debit and enter a PIN number you might pay fees.

You can make purchases at restaurants, retail stores, and shops-even phone and mail orders. It's quick and convenient, and you avoid the hassles of getting a check approved. Also, if you choose "credit" and sign the receipt instead of using your pin, there will be no fee assessed.

A New England Teamsters Federal Credit Union Checking Account is required!









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